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Testing Debian GNU/Linux CD Images

->- What is offered here are the testing images for the Woody release of Debian, these images are totally unstable and must only be downloaded if they are going to be used for testing purposes.

->- Download this images only if you are going to test them and you are going to report the problems back on

-!- This were the problems detected during the build of this images, they need to be fixed before the release:

-!- The recommended download method is rsync, however the images are also available via http and ftp. But I must insist in rsync being used as it will reduce the download size especially if you are upgrading older images.

->- Right now you can download the CD images for this arches:

->- The CD images above are not located on the machine where this pages are, but on a couple of machines at the University of A Coruña where they are built. So, to download the CD images you'll have to fetch them using the method you have chossen, preferably rsync, from were ARCH is the architecture you want to download.

->- Sorry for the latest downtime in the building machine wich made the images not to be up to date, HD problems on the local mirror machine caused this. Hopefully we are running again up to date.

->- There is some other people making other unofficial CD images, if they want to get listed here please mail manty@d.o

->- One of the most well known sites of unofficial Debian CDs is where you can find all kind of Debian unofficial CDs for the i386 architecture (potato, woody, sid and hurd). It has quite some mirrors around the world, you can read the MIRRORS file there to find a mirror close to you.

Last modified: Tue Sep 11 20:57:10 CEST 2001