# Galician translation of RedHat's usermode. # Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 Red Hat, Inc. # Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 Jesús Bravo Álvarez. # Jesús Bravo Álvarez , 2000, 2001. # # Proxecto Trasno - Adaptación do software libre á lingua galega: Se desexas # colaborar connosco, podes atopar máis información en http://trasno.gpul.org # # First Version: 2000-12-12 20:49+0100 # msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: usermode\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2001-01-25 15:31-0500\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2001-03-17 20:04+0100\n" "Last-Translator: Jesús Bravo Álvarez \n" "Language-Team: Galician \n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" #: ../userdialogs.c:35 msgid "Message" msgstr "Mensaxe" #: ../userdialogs.c:81 ../userhelper-wrap.c:384 msgid "Error" msgstr "Erro" #: ../userdialogs.c:124 ../userdialogs.c:126 ../userdialogs.c:185 msgid "Prompt" msgstr "Prompt" #. Just a dummy file for gettext #: ../dummy.h:3 ../userdialogs.c:193 ../userinfo.c:140 msgid "OK" msgstr "Aceptar" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:49 ../usermount.c:581 ../usermount.c:676 #: ../usermount.c:764 msgid "Pipe error.\n" msgstr "Erro na canalización.\n" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:55 ../usermount.c:587 ../usermount.c:687 #: ../usermount.c:770 msgid "Cannot fork().\n" msgstr "Non se pode facer fork().\n" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:75 ../userhelper-wrap.c:85 ../usermount.c:627 #: ../usermount.c:635 ../usermount.c:739 ../usermount.c:747 ../usermount.c:809 #: ../usermount.c:817 msgid "dup2() error.\n" msgstr "Erro de dup2().\n" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:112 ../usermount.c:642 ../usermount.c:754 #: ../usermount.c:824 #, c-format msgid "execl() error, errno=%d\n" msgstr "Erro de execl(), errno=%d\n" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:141 msgid "Information updated." msgstr "Información actualizada." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:144 msgid "" "The password you typed is invalid.\n" "Please try again." msgstr "" "O contrasinal que introduciu non é válido.\n" "Tente de novo." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:147 msgid "" "One or more of the changed fields is invalid.\n" "This is probably due to either colons or commas in one of the fields.\n" "Please remove those and try again." msgstr "" "Un ou máis dos campos modificados non son válido.\n" "Isto é probablemente por mor dalgunha coma ou dous puntos nalgún dos " "campos.\n" "Quíteos e tente de novo." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:150 msgid "Password resetting error." msgstr "Erro ó reiniciar o contrasinal." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:153 msgid "" "Some systems files are locked.\n" "Please try again in a few moments." msgstr "" "Algúns ficheiros de sistema están bloqueados.\n" "Tente de novo dentro dun intre." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:156 msgid "Unknown user." msgstr "Usuario descoñecido." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:159 msgid "Insufficient rights." msgstr "Permisos insuficientes." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:162 msgid "Invalid call to sub process." msgstr "Chamada ó subproceso non válida." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:165 msgid "" "Your current shell is not listed in /etc/shells.\n" "You are not allowed to change your shell.\n" "Consult your system administrator." msgstr "" "A súa shell actual non está listada en /etc/shells.\n" "Non lle está permitido mudar a shell.\n" "Consulte co administrador do seu sistema." #. well, this is unlikely to work either, but at least we tried... #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:169 msgid "Out of memory." msgstr "Memoria esgotada." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:172 msgid "The exec() call failed." msgstr "A chamada a exec() fallou." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:175 msgid "Failed to find selected program." msgstr "Non se atopou o programa seleccionado." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:178 msgid "Unknown error." msgstr "Erro descoñecido." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:181 msgid "Unknown exit code." msgstr "Código de saída descoñecido." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:237 msgid "Input" msgstr "Entrada" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:346 #, c-format msgid "Need %d responses.\n" msgstr "Necesítanse %d respostas.\n" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:371 #, c-format msgid "" "In order to run \"%s\" with root's privileges, additional information is " "required." msgstr "" "Para poder executar \"%s\" con privilexios de root, precísase " "información adicional." #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:389 #, c-format msgid "Changing password for %s" msgstr "Mudando o contrasinal de %s" #: ../userhelper-wrap.c:403 #, c-format msgid "You want %d response(s) from %d entry fields!?!?!\n" msgstr "¡¿Quere %d resposta(s) a partir de %d campos?!\n" #: ../userhelper.c:103 #, c-format msgid "Got error %d.\n" msgstr "Obteuse o erro %d.\n" #: ../userhelper.c:199 #, c-format msgid "Password for %s" msgstr "Contrasinal de %s" #: ../userhelper.c:398 msgid "Consistency checking is not turned on." msgstr "A comprobación de consistencia non está activada." #: ../userhelper.c:400 msgid "Block is fine." msgstr "O bloque é correcto." #: ../userhelper.c:402 msgid "Block freed twice." msgstr "Bloque liberado dúas veces." #: ../userhelper.c:404 msgid "Memory before the block was clobbered." msgstr "A memoria antes do bloque estaba estragada." #: ../userhelper.c:406 msgid "Memory after the block was clobbered." msgstr "A memoria tralo bloque estaba estragada." #: ../userhelper.c:435 msgid "userhelper must be setuid root\n" msgstr "O userhelper ten que ser setuid root\n" #: ../userhelper.c:672 #, c-format msgid "PAM returned = %d\n" msgstr "PAM devolveu = %d\n" #: ../userhelper.c:673 #, c-format msgid "about to authenticate \"%s\"\n" msgstr "a piques de autenticar a \"%s\"\n" #: ../userhelper.c:722 ../userhelper.c:763 #, c-format msgid "about to exec \"%s\"\n" msgstr "a piques de executar \"%s\"\n" #: ../userinfo.c:125 msgid "User Information" msgstr "Información do usuario" #: ../userinfo.c:154 msgid "Help" msgstr "Axuda" #: ../userinfo.c:243 msgid "Full Name:" msgstr "Nome completo:" #: ../userinfo.c:261 msgid "Office:" msgstr "Oficina:" #: ../userinfo.c:280 msgid "Office Phone:" msgstr "Teléfono da oficina:" #: ../userinfo.c:298 msgid "Home Phone:" msgstr "Teléfono da casa:" #: ../userinfo.c:316 msgid "Shell:" msgstr "Shell:" #: ../userinfo.c:379 msgid "This will be some help text." msgstr "Isto será algún texto de axuda." #: ../usermount.c:56 msgid "Mount" msgstr "Montar" #: ../usermount.c:57 msgid "Unmount" msgstr "Desmontar" #: ../usermount.c:120 msgid "User Mount Tool" msgstr "Ferramenta de montaxe de usuario" #: ../usermount.c:137 msgid "" "There are no user mountable filesystems.\n" "Contact your administrator." msgstr "" "Non hai ningún sistema de ficheiros montable polo usuario.\n" "Contacte co seu administrador." #: ../usermount.c:178 msgid "Directory" msgstr "Directorio" #: ../usermount.c:186 msgid "Device" msgstr "Dispositivo" #: ../usermount.c:194 msgid "Type" msgstr "Tipo" #: ../usermount.c:269 msgid "Format" msgstr "Formatar" #: ../usermount.c:363 msgid "" "Are you sure?\n" "You will destroy any data on that disk.\n" msgstr "" "¿Está seguro?\n" "Vai destruír tódolos datos nese disco.\n" #: ../usermount.c:365 msgid "Yes" msgstr "Si" #: ../usermount.c:375 msgid "No" msgstr "Non" #: ../usermount.c:382 msgid "Do low level format." msgstr "Facer formato de baixo nivel." #: ../dummy.h:4 msgid "Exit" msgstr "Saír" #: ../dummy.h:5 msgid "Cancel" msgstr "Cancelar" #: ../dummy.h:6 msgid "Run Unprivileged" msgstr "Executar sen privilexios" #: ../dummy.h:7 msgid "(current) UNIX password: " msgstr "(actual) Contrasinal de UNIX: " #: ../dummy.h:8 msgid "New UNIX password: " msgstr "Novo contrasinal de UNIX: " #: ../dummy.h:9 msgid "Retype new UNIX password: " msgstr "Escriba outra vez o novo contrasinal de UNIX: " #: ../dummy.h:10 msgid "BAD PASSWORD: it's WAY too short" msgstr "CONTRASINAL INCORRECTO: é DEMASIADO curto" #: ../dummy.h:11 msgid "BAD PASSWORD: it is too short" msgstr "CONTRASINAL INCORRECTO: é curto de máis" #: ../dummy.h:12 msgid "Password unchanged" msgstr "Contrasinal sen modificacións" #: ../dummy.h:13 msgid "Sorry, passwords do not match" msgstr "Os contrasinais non coinciden"