# Galician message file for YaST2 (online_update). # Copyright (C) 2000 SuSE GmbH. # Jesús Bravo Álvarez , 2000. # # Proxecto Trasno - Adaptación do software libre á lingua galega: Se desexas # colaborar connosco, podes atopar máis información en http://trasno.gpul.org # msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: YaST2 (online_update)\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2000-10-19 19:58+0200\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2001-01-19 22:20+0100\n" "Last-Translator: Jesús Bravo Álvarez \n" "Language-Team: Galician \n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" #. dummy message, which will be used in the future, but have to be #. traslated into other languages. #: clients/online_update.ycp:31 msgid "Dailing...." msgstr "Marcando..." #: clients/online_update.ycp:32 msgid "Hang up...." msgstr "Colgar..." #: clients/online_update.ycp:33 msgid "Could not dial to internet. Please check your settings." msgstr "Non foi posible chamar a internet. Comprobe a configuración." #: clients/online_update.ycp:34 msgid "Could not dial to internet. Please connect manually." msgstr "Non foi posible chamar a internet. Conéctese manualmente." #: clients/online_update.ycp:35 msgid "Error occured while closing connection to internet." msgstr "Ocorreu un erro ó pechar a conexión a internet." #: clients/online_update.ycp:37 msgid "Do not show this message again." msgstr "Non mostrar esta mensaxe de novo." #: clients/online_update.ycp:38 msgid "Skip" msgstr "Omitir" #: clients/online_update.ycp:39 msgid "Continue" msgstr "Continuar" #: clients/online_update.ycp:40 msgid "Install" msgstr "Instalar" #: clients/online_update.ycp:41 #, ycp-format msgid "" "The package \"%1\" is not a SuSE package.\n" "Should I install nevertheless ?" msgstr "" "O paquete \"%1\" non é un paquete de SuSE.\n" "¿Instalalo de calquera xeito?" #: clients/online_update.ycp:42 msgid "There is no connection to internet. Trying to connect." msgstr "Non hai unha conexión a internet. Tentando conectarse." #: clients/online_update.ycp:44 msgid "" "Cannot check the packages cause there has not be found\n" "any PGP configuration or key. So SuSE cannot guarantee that \n" "the packages are created by SuSE" msgstr "" "Non é posible verificar os paquetes porque non se atopou\n" "ningunha configuración ou chave do PGP. Polo tanto, SuSE non\n" "pode garantir que os paquetes foron creados por SuSE" #: clients/online_update.ycp:93 msgid "" "YaST2\n" "Initializing ..." msgstr "" "YaST2\n" "Inicializando ..." #. "back" button: Return to the previous dialog #: clients/online_update.ycp:97 msgid "&Back" msgstr "&Atrás" #. "abort" button: The installation will be aborted #: clients/online_update.ycp:101 msgid "&Abort Installation" msgstr "A&bortar Instalación" #. "next" button: Proceed to the next dialog #: clients/online_update.ycp:105 msgid "&Next" msgstr "&Seguinte" #. "OK" button: User confirmation #: clients/online_update.ycp:141 clients/online_update.ycp:358 msgid "&OK" msgstr "&Aceptar" #. Warning text for aborting the update before a patch is installed #: clients/online_update.ycp:220 msgid "" "If you abort the installation now,\n" "no patch will be installed.\n" "An existing connection to ftp server will be closed.\n" "Your installation will remain untouched." msgstr "" "Se aborta agora a instalación,\n" "non se instalará ningún parche.\n" "A conexión existente ó servidor ftp será pechada.\n" "A instalación ficará intacta." #. Warning text for aborting if some patches are installed, some not #: clients/online_update.ycp:228 msgid "" "If you abort the installation now,\n" "the patches are not yet downloaded and installed.\n" "You will need to do the update again." msgstr "" "Se aborta agora a instalación,\n" "os parches non están aínda descargados e instalados.\n" "Terá que actualizar de novo." #. Warning text for aborting an installation during the install process #: clients/online_update.ycp:235 msgid "" "If you abort the installation now,\n" "at least one patch is not installed correctly.\n" "You will need to do the update again." msgstr "" "Se aborta agora a instalación,\n" "hai polo menos un parche non instalado correctamente.\n" "Terá que actualizar de novo." #. Confirm user request to abort installation #: clients/online_update.ycp:254 msgid "Really abort Package Update?" msgstr "¿Abortar realmente a Actualización de Paquetes?" #. Button that will really abort the installation #: clients/online_update.ycp:261 clients/online_update_start.ycp:235 msgid "&Abort Update" msgstr "A&bortar Actualización" #. Button that will continue with the installation #: clients/online_update.ycp:265 msgid "&Continue Update" msgstr "&Continuar Actualización" #: clients/online_update.ycp:346 msgid "Patch information" msgstr "Información do parche" #: clients/online_update.ycp:355 msgid "Name" msgstr "Nome" #: clients/online_update.ycp:355 msgid "Installed" msgstr "Instalado" #: clients/online_update.ycp:355 msgid "New Version" msgstr "Nova Versión" #: clients/online_update.ycp:355 clients/online_update_details.ycp:79 clients/online_update_details.ycp:86 clients/online_update_select.ycp:108 msgid "Description" msgstr "Descrición" #: clients/online_update.ycp:381 msgid "MB" msgstr "MB" #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:47 msgid "Package Update information" msgstr "Información da Actualización de Paquetes" #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:49 msgid "Update is finished." msgstr "A actualización está finalizada." #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:50 msgid "Status of last update: " msgstr "Estado da última actualización: " #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:53 msgid "ALL installed security patches: " msgstr "TÓDOLOS parches de seguridade instalados: " #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:56 msgid "ALL installed recommended patches: " msgstr "TÓDOLOS parches recomendados instalados: " #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:61 clients/online_update_start.ycp:162 msgid "&Details" msgstr "&Detalles" #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:66 msgid "Remove source-packages after update." msgstr "Eliminar os paquetes fonte trala actualización." #. helptext update is finished #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:72 msgid "" "

\n" "Online Update is finished.\n" "Your installation is up to date now.\n" "It is recommended to check if there are\n" "new patches available in regular periods.

" msgstr "" "

\n" "A actualización online está rematada.\n" "A instalación está agora actualizada.\n" "Recoméndase que comprobe se hai novos\n" "parches dispoñibles a intervalos regulares.

" #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:77 msgid "" "

\n" "If any error occurs during download or installation\n" "of the patches, you can check the Details\n" "for further information.\n" "

\n" msgstr "" "

\n" "Se ocorre algún erro durante a descarga ou a instalación\n" "dos parches, pode comprobar os Detalles\n" "para máis información.\n" "

\n" #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:83 msgid "" "

\n" "Please try to do the update again, if important\n" "patches could not be installed.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "Tente facer a actualización de novo, se non foi\n" "posible instalar parches importantes.\n" "

" #. using SetContents (define in online_update.ycp) #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:91 msgid "Online Update Confirmation" msgstr "Confirmación da Actualización Online" #. changing Label to Finish for the last step #: clients/online_update_close.ycp:94 msgid "&Finish" msgstr "&Finalizar" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:69 msgid "Days since update:" msgstr "Días dende a actualización:" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:70 msgid "Status of last update:" msgstr "Estado da última actualización:" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:71 msgid "Number of recommended patches: " msgstr "Número de parches recomendados: " #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:72 msgid "Number of security patches: " msgstr "Número de parches de seguridade: " #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:77 clients/online_update_start.ycp:157 msgid "Last update information" msgstr "Información da última actualización" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:79 msgid "Data" msgstr "Datos" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:84 msgid "Information about all installed patches" msgstr "Información sobre tódolos parches instalados" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:86 msgid "YYYY.MM.DD" msgstr "YYYY.MM.DD" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:86 clients/online_update_select.ycp:108 msgid "Patch" msgstr "Parche" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:86 msgid "Status" msgstr "Estado" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:90 msgid "&Show patch information" msgstr "&Mostrar información do parche" #. helptext "main dialog online_update" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:97 msgid "" "

\n" "This dialog shows detailed information about the\n" "last package update and about all patches\n" "installed on your system.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "Este diálogo mostra a información detallada sobre\n" "a última actualización de paquetes e sobre tódolos\n" "parches instalados no seu sistema.\n" "

" #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:102 msgid "" "

\n" "More detailed information about a special patch can\n" "be obtained. First select the patch from the list and then\n" "click on the Show Patch Info button.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "Pódese obter información máis detallada sobre un parche\n" "concreto. Primeiro seleccione o parche na lista e logo\n" "prema o botón Mostrar Información do Parche.\n" "

" #. using SetWizardContents (define in online_update.ycp) #: clients/online_update_details.ycp:111 msgid "Detailed Information " msgstr "Información Detallada " #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:68 msgid "Current patch" msgstr "Parche actual" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:80 msgid "Connected to" msgstr "Conectado a" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:84 msgid "Status of connection" msgstr "Estado da conexión" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:91 msgid "Total progress" msgstr "Evolución total" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:93 msgid "Information about the activities" msgstr "Información sobre a actividade" #. helptext "main dialog online_update" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:102 msgid "" "

After connecting to SuSE server,\n" "YaST2 will download all available patches.\n" "This could take some time. Several details are shown.

" msgstr "" "

Tras conectarse ó servidor de SuSE,\n" "o YaST2 descargará tódolos parches dispoñibles.\n" "Isto pode levar un tempo. Móstranse diversos detalles.

" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:105 msgid "" "

\n" "The fields above show information about the connection and\n" "time of data transfer.\n" "The box below displays data from ftp logfile. If something\n" "goes wrong, please check this source of information. \n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "Os campos de enriba mostran información sobre a conexión\n" "e o tempo da transferencia de datos.\n" "A caixa de embaixo amosa os datos do ficheiro de rexistro\n" "do ftp. Se algo vai mal, comprobe esta fonte de información.\n" "

" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:111 msgid "" "

\n" "If you decide to Abort Update, the download of\n" "patches will be interrupted. No patch will be installed.\n" "The ftp connection will be closed. \n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "Se decide Abortar a Actualización, a descarga dos\n" "parches será interrompida. Non se instalará ningún parche.\n" "A conexión ftp pecharase.\n" "

" #. using SetContents (define in online_update.ycp) #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:120 msgid "Connection and Data transfer" msgstr "Conexión e transferencia de datos" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:124 clients/online_update_load.ycp:306 clients/online_update_load.ycp:626 msgid "closed" msgstr "pechado" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:204 clients/online_update_load.ycp:589 msgid "active" msgstr "activo" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:247 #, ycp-format msgid "" "Can't get patch \"%1\" from\n" "server \"%2\".\n" "You may try to download remaining patches or\n" "go on with installing of already got ones.\n" "In manual mode click on Next to proceed." msgstr "" "Non é posible recibir o parche \"%1\" do\n" "servidor \"%2\".\n" "Pode tentar descargar o resto dos parches ou\n" "instalar os que xa ten.\n" "No modo manual, prema Seguinte para continuar." #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:254 msgid "Notify" msgstr "Notificar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:254 msgid "&Download" msgstr "&Descargar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:254 clients/online_update_load.ycp:278 clients/online_update_load.ycp:340 clients/online_update_load.ycp:372 clients/online_update_load.ycp:479 msgid "&Install" msgstr "&Instalar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:276 msgid "" "Download of patches will be stopped.\n" "You may continue with installation of already\n" "loaded patches or abort update completely." msgstr "" "A descarga dos parches vaise parar.\n" "Pode continuar coa instalación dos parches\n" "xa baixados, ou abortar a actualización por completo." #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:278 clients/online_update_load.ycp:339 clients/online_update_load.ycp:371 clients/online_update_load.ycp:538 msgid "Warning" msgstr "Aviso" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:278 msgid "&Abort" msgstr "A&bortar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:322 #, ycp-format msgid "" "Cannot check the patch %1 cause the PGP key is not installed or is corrupted.\n" "So SuSE cannot guarantee that the packages has been created by SuSE" msgstr "" "Non é posible verificar o parche %1 porque a clave PGP non está instalada\n" "ou está corrompida. Polo tanto, SuSE non pode garantir que os paquetes\n" "foron creados por SuSE" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:340 clients/online_update_load.ycp:372 msgid "&Don't install" msgstr "&Non instalar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:352 #, ycp-format msgid "" "The patch %1 will not be installed \n" "cause package %2 is corrupted" msgstr "" "O parche %1 non vai ser instalado porque\n" "o paquete %2 está corrompido" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:357 clients/online_update_select.ycp:193 clients/online_update_select.ycp:209 msgid "Error" msgstr "Erro" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:357 clients/online_update_load.ycp:416 clients/online_update_start.ycp:75 msgid "&ok" msgstr "&Aceptar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:413 clients/online_update_start.ycp:72 msgid "There is no connection to network; please connect manually." msgstr "Non hai unha conexión á rede; por favor, conéctese manualmente." #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:415 clients/online_update_start.ycp:74 msgid "Connect error" msgstr "Erro de conexión" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:416 clients/online_update_start.ycp:75 msgid "&cancel" msgstr "&Cancelar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:474 #, c-format, ycp-format msgid "Warning for patch %1" msgstr "Aviso para o parche %1" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:480 msgid "&Skip patch" msgstr "&Omitir parche" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:497 #, c-format, ycp-format msgid "Information for patch %1" msgstr "Información do parche %1" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:502 msgid "&Ok" msgstr "&Aceptar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:534 #, ycp-format msgid "" "The patch %1 needs the version %2 of YaST2.\n" "You have installed version %3" msgstr "" "O parche %1 necesita a versión %2 do YaST2.\n" "Ten instalada a versión %3" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:538 clients/online_update_select.ycp:193 clients/online_update_select.ycp:209 msgid "Don't install" msgstr "Non instalar" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:614 msgid "" "Connection to ftp server failed.\n" "Please try to get connection to another SuSE ftp server." msgstr "" "A conexión ó servidor ftp fallou.\n" "Tente a conexión a outro servidor ftp de SuSE." #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:643 msgid "" "Can't get patches from server.\n" "Please try to get patches from another SuSE ftp server." msgstr "" "Non é posible obter os parches do servidor.\n" "Tente recibilos doutro servidor ftp de SuSE." #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:661 #, ycp-format msgid "" "There are %1 patches on ftp. Downloading may take a while.\n" " Do you really want to download the patches now?" msgstr "" "Hai %1 parches no ftp. A descarga pode levar un tempo.\n" " ¿Quere realmente baixar agora os parches?" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:664 msgid "&Yes" msgstr "&Si" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:664 msgid "&No" msgstr "&Non" #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:686 msgid "There is no patch which will have to be installed." msgstr "Non hai ningún parche que teña que ser instalado." #: clients/online_update_load.ycp:735 msgid "No patch will be installed." msgstr "Non se vai instalar ningún parche." #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:108 msgid "Mode" msgstr "Modo" #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:108 msgid "Size" msgstr "Tamaño" #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:111 msgid "&Apply" msgstr "A&plicar" #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:112 msgid "&Show description" msgstr "&Mostrar descrición" #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:122 msgid "" "

This dialog shows all patches which are\n" "available for download on SuSE ftp server.
\n" "Mode \"recommended\" means you should install the patch.\n" "\"security\" is a security patch and it is highly recommended to install it.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

Este diálogo mostra tódolos parches que\n" "hai dispoñibles para descargar do servidor ftp de SuSE.
\n" "O modo \"recomendado\" significa que debería instalar o parche.\n" "\"seguridade\" é un parche de seguridade e é moi aconsellable instalalo.\n" "

" #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:127 msgid "" "

Meaning of the status flags:

\n" "

\n" "X: Patches concerning your installation are preselected.\n" "They will be downloaded and installed on your system.\n" "If you don't want a certain patch, double\n" "click on line to deselect it (or select line and use Crtl A).\n" "

" msgstr "" "

Significado das marcas de estado:

\n" "

\n" "X: Os parches relacionados coa súa instalación están preseleccionados.\n" "Serán descargados e instalados no seu sistema.\n" "Se non quere un parche concreto, faga dobre clic na liña para\n" "deseleccionalo (ou seleccione a liña e use Ctrl+A).\n" "

" #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:134 msgid "" "

\n" "G: patch is available but not relevant for your installation\n" "(concerns packages which are not installed).\n" "You can download the patch but it will not be installed.\n" "

\n" "

\n" "_: you have deselected this patch, it will neither\n" "be downloaded nor installed.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "G: o parche está dispoñible, pero non é relevante para a súa\n" "instalación (está relacionado con paquetes que non ten instalados).\n" "Pode descargar o parche, pero non será instalado.\n" "

\n" "

\n" "_: é un parche que deseleccionou, non será descargado nin instalado.\n" "

" #. using SetContents (define in online_update.ycp) #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:147 msgid "List of available patches" msgstr "Lista dos parches dispoñibles" #: clients/online_update_select.ycp:191 clients/online_update_select.ycp:207 #, ycp-format msgid "" "This patch needs the version %1 of YaST2.\n" "You have installed version %2" msgstr "" "Este parche necesita a versión %1 do YaST2.\n" "Ten instalada a versión %2" #. initialize PKGINFO #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:127 msgid "Initializing for ftp update; One moment please..." msgstr "Inicializando para actualizar por ftp; Agarde un momento, por favor..." #. Popup is shown if the yast2 component responsible for the ftp update cannot be initialised. #. This does not mean, connection failed to ftp server, but any other error occured. #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:141 msgid "" "Initialisation of ftp server failed.\n" "\n" "Please check www.suse.de\n" "for further information ." msgstr "" "A inicialización do servidor ftp fallou.\n" "\n" "Vaia a www.suse.de\n" "para máis información." #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:159 #, ycp-format msgid "" "Last update was executed\n" " %1 days ago." msgstr "" "A última actualización executouse\n" " hai %1 días." #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:171 msgid "Choice of update mode" msgstr "Escolla do modo de actualización" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:177 msgid "&Automatic Update" msgstr "Actualización &Automatica" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:182 msgid "&Manual Update" msgstr "Actualización &Manual" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:192 msgid "Choice of installation-source" msgstr "Escolla da orixe da instalación" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:197 msgid "Installation-source" msgstr "Orixe da instalación" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:198 msgid "&Expert" msgstr "&Experto" #. helptext dialog online update start screen #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:212 msgid "" "

\n" "SuSE online update is the easy way to get all recommended\n" "patches and security fixes from SuSE ftp server.
\n" "Automatic Update will connect to the server,\n" "fetch the files and install the patches.

" msgstr "" "

\n" "A actualización online de SuSE é o método doado para obter\n" "tódolos parches recomendados e arranxos de seguridade do\n" "servidor ftp de SuSE.
\n" "A Actualización Automática conectarase ó servidor,\n" "recibirá os ficheiros e instalará os parches.

" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:218 msgid "" "

\n" "Manual Update will display all available patches\n" "and you can choose which patches should be installed.
\n" "Information about the last update will be shown\n" "if you click on the Details button.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "A Actualización Manual mostrará tódolos parches dispoñibles\n" "e poderá escoller cales quere instalar.
\n" "Se preme o botón de Detalles, mostrarase a información\n" "sobre a última actualización.\n" "

" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:225 msgid "" "

\n" "If you click on button Expert you can select an local\n" "installation-source instead of a ftp-server or select another ftp-server.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "Se preme o botón Experto, poderá seleccionar unha orixe\n" "de instalación local no canto dun servidor ftp, ou poderá seleccionar\n" "outro servidor ftp.\n" "

" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:233 msgid "Welcome to SuSE Package Update" msgstr "Benvido á Actualización de Paquetes de SuSE" #: clients/online_update_start.ycp:290 clients/online_update_start.ycp:344 msgid "" "Initialization failed - please try again.\n" "If failure continues, please choose\n" "another SuSE ftp server." msgstr "" "A inicialización fallou - tente de novo.\n" "Se o problema continúa, seleccione outro\n" "servidor ftp de SuSE." #. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #. name of the entry, shon in curses menu and ycc // #: menuentries/menuentry_online_update.ycp:14 msgid "Online Update" msgstr "Actualización Online" #. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #. Icon used in y2contolcenter // #: menuentries/menuentry_online_update.ycp:26 msgid "online_update.png" msgstr "online_update.png" #. #: menuentries/menuentry_online_update.ycp:32 msgid "" "Launch this module to get patches (online update).\n" "A patch updates, improves or corrects your existing installation." msgstr "" "Lance este módulo para recibir parches (actualización online).\n" "Un parche actualiza, mellora ou corrixe a súa instalación actual." #: menuentries/menuentry_online_update.ycp:35 msgid "

You need to be logged in as root in order to do this.

" msgstr "

Para facer isto ten que acceder ó sistema como root.

" #. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #. explanation in YaST2 Control Center // #: menuentries/menuentry_online_update.ycp:39 msgid "Get patches, to correct and improve your existing installation" msgstr "Obteña parches para corrixir mellorar a instalación actual"