# Galician message file for YaST2 (tune). # Copyright (C) 2000 SuSE GmbH. # Jesús Bravo Álvarez , 2000. # # Proxecto Trasno - Adaptación do software libre á lingua galega: Se desexas # colaborar connosco, podes atopar máis información en http://trasno.gpul.org # msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: YaST2 (tune)\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2000-10-19 19:58+0200\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2001-01-16 21:01+0100\n" "Last-Translator: Jesús Bravo Álvarez \n" "Language-Team: Galician \n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" #: clients/tune.ycp:34 msgid "" "YaST2\n" "Initializing ..." msgstr "" "YaST2\n" "Inicializando ..." #. back pushbutton: the user input is ignored and the last dialog is called #: clients/tune.ycp:38 msgid "&Back" msgstr "A&trás" #. next pushbutton: finish the configuration #: clients/tune.ycp:43 clients/tune_step1.ycp:172 msgid "&Finish" msgstr "&Finalizar" #. "OK" button: User confirmation #: clients/tune.ycp:74 clients/tune.ycp:95 clients/tune_step1.ycp:233 msgid "&OK" msgstr "&Aceptar" #. optional warning dialog text #: clients/tune.ycp:91 #, c-format, ycp-format msgid "Error code %1" msgstr "Código de erro %1" #. "Yes" button: Answer to the dialog question #: clients/tune.ycp:108 clients/tune.ycp:116 msgid "&Yes" msgstr "&Si" #. "No" button: Answer to the dialog question #: clients/tune.ycp:110 clients/tune.ycp:114 msgid "&No" msgstr "&Non" #. description of an checkbox option in system tuning #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:71 msgid "" "This option can improve your hard disk performance, but beware.\n" "Some buggy hardware (chipsets, disks) can destroy your data with\n" "this option turned on." msgstr "" "Esta opción pode mellorar o rendemento do seu disco duro, pero teña\n" "coidado. Algún hardware con erros (chipsets, discos) pode destruír os\n" "seus datos con esta opción activada." #. additional description of an checkbox option in system tuning (empty lines are intentionally!) #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:75 msgid "" "\n" "\n" "Even though the kernel has an internal 'black list' of drivers and\n" "chipsets that don't support this option, please use this\n" "option only if you are absolutely sure your hardware supports\n" "Ultra DMA on Linux.\n" msgstr "" "\n" "\n" "Aínda que o núcleo ten unha 'lista negra' interna de controladores\n" "e chipsets que non soportan esta opción, úsea só se está\n" "absolutamente seguro de que o seu hardware soporta Ultra DMA\n" "en Linux.\n" #. helptext "main dialog tuneing options" #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:88 msgid "" "

\n" "This dialog provides some tuning options that may or may not improve\n" "system performance - depending on your hardware.\n" "

" msgstr "" "

\n" "Este diálogo fornece algunhas opcións de axuste que poden mellorar\n" "ou non o rendemento do sistema, dependendo do hardware.\n" "

" #. helptext "main dialog tuneing options" #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:93 msgid "" "

\n" "Some hardware may even be incompatible with certain tuning options, so\n" "please make sure you know what you are doing.\n" "

\n" msgstr "" "

\n" "Ademais, algún hardware pode ser incompatible con algunhas opcións de\n" "axuste, polo que ten que estar seguro do que está a facer.\n" "

\n" #. helptext "main dialog tuneing options" #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:99 msgid "" "

\n" "The default settings are always on the safe side, so if you are\n" "unsure, leave them as they are.\n" "

\n" msgstr "" "

\n" "Os parámetros por omisión son sempre os máis seguros, polo que se\n" "ten algunha dúbida, déixeos como están.\n" "

\n" #. helptext "main dialog tuneing options" #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:105 msgid "" "

\n" "And always remember to have fun!\n" "

\n" "\t\t\t\n" msgstr "" "

\n" "¡E lembre sempre divertirse!\n" "

\n" "\t\t\t\n" #. Checkbox description: Want to use #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:152 msgid "&Ultra DMA support for IDE-disks" msgstr "Soporte &Ultra DMA para os discos IDE" #. Description of the textenty field, where the user have #. list devices he wants to use for UDMA #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:158 msgid "&Activate UDMA for the following devices:" msgstr "&Activar UDMA para os dispositivos seguintes:" #. using SetContents (define in adsl.ycp) #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:169 msgid "Module for tuning the system" msgstr "Módulo para axustar o sistema" #. Acknowledgment popup, when the user has choosen UDMA #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:215 msgid "" "ENABLE THE FOLLOWING TUNING OPTIONS:\n" "\n" "- Ultra DMA support for " msgstr "" "ACTIVACIÓN DAS SEGUINTES OPCIÓNS DE AXUSTE:\n" "\n" "- Soporte Ultra DMA para " #. Acknowledgment popup, when the user has choosen UDMA (second part) #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:220 msgid "" "\t\t\t\n" "\n" "Caution:\n" "\n" "This option will take effect after you reboot your system." msgstr "" "\t\t\t\n" "\n" "Precaución:\n" "\n" "Esta opción activarase cando reinicie o sistema." #. Acknowledgment popup, when the user has choosen UDMA (third part) #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:226 msgid "" "\n" "In order to start the DMA support immediately, enter\n" "\"rcidedma start\" as root user. \n" "\n" "If there are any problems with DMA support, it is much easier to fix them at boot time.\n" "This is why DMA support is not automatically started right here.\n" msgstr "" "\n" "Para activar inmediatamente o soporte de DMA, escriba\n" "\"rcidedma start\" como usuario root. \n" "\n" "Se hai problemas co soporte de DMA, é moito máis fácil arranxalos no momento de arrincar.\n" "Por esa razón non é activado agora automaticamente.\n" #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:233 msgid "&Cancel" msgstr "&Cancelar" #. Acknowledgment popup, when the user has not choosen UDMA #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:238 msgid "" "\n" "Tuning options:\n" "\n" "Ultra DMA is disabled" msgstr "" "\n" "Opcións de axuste:\n" "\n" "Ultra DMA desactivado" #. Failure popup #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:259 msgid "Turning on UltraDMA for IDE disks has failed" msgstr "A activación de UltraDMA para os discos IDE fallou" #. Failure popup #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:273 msgid "Turning off UltraDMA for IDE disks has failed" msgstr "A desactivación de UltraDMA para os discos IDE fallou" #: clients/tune_step1.ycp:292 msgid "&Next" msgstr "&Seguinte" #. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #. name of the entry, shon in curses menu and ycc // #: menuentries/menuentry_tune.ycp:16 msgid "System tuning" msgstr "Axuste do sistema" #. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #. Icon used in y2contolcenter // #: menuentries/menuentry_tune.ycp:28 msgid "idetune.png" msgstr "idetune.png" #. #: menuentries/menuentry_tune.ycp:34 msgid "Launch this module to tune your system." msgstr "Lance este módulo para axustar o seu sistema." #: menuentries/menuentry_tune.ycp:36 msgid "

You need to be logged in as root in order to do this.

" msgstr "

Para facer isto ten que acceder ó sistema como root.

" #. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #. explanation in YaST2 Control Center // #: menuentries/menuentry_tune.ycp:40 msgid "Tune your system. At the moment, only EIDE harddisk tuning is possible" msgstr "" "Axuste o seu sistema. Polo momento, só é posible axustar os discos duros EIDE"