# Galician translation of kcmstyle. # Copyright (C) 2000 Jesús Bravo Álvarez. # Jesús Bravo Álvarez , 2000. # # Proxecto Trasno - Adaptación do software libre á lingua galega: Se desexas # colaborar connosco, podes atopar máis información en http://trasno.gpul.org # # First Version: 2000-09-30 12:17+0200 # msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: kcmstyle\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2002-04-10 02:14+0200\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2000-10-12 13:46+0200\n" "Last-Translator: Jesús Bravo Álvarez \n" "Language-Team: Galician \n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" #: _translatorinfo.cpp:1 msgid "" "_: NAME OF TRANSLATORS\n" "Your names" msgstr "" #: _translatorinfo.cpp:3 msgid "" "_: EMAIL OF TRANSLATORS\n" "Your emails" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:147 #, fuzzy msgid "Name" msgstr "Nome:" #: kcmstyle.cpp:148 #, fuzzy msgid "Description" msgstr "Descrición:" #: kcmstyle.cpp:195 #, fuzzy msgid "Widget Style" msgstr "Tema e estilo do widget:" #: kcmstyle.cpp:207 msgid "GUI Effects" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:208 msgid "&Enable GUI effects" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:217 kcmstyle.cpp:225 kcmstyle.cpp:234 msgid "Disable" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:218 kcmstyle.cpp:226 kcmstyle.cpp:235 msgid "Animate" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:219 msgid "ComboBo&x effect:" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:227 kcmstyle.cpp:236 msgid "Fade" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:228 msgid "&ToolTip effect:" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:237 msgid "Make Translucent" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:238 msgid "&Menu effect:" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:261 msgid "Software Tint" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:262 msgid "Software Blend" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:264 msgid "XRender Blend" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:277 #, c-format msgid "0%" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:279 #, c-format msgid "50%" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:281 #, c-format msgid "100%" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:284 msgid "Menu trans&lucency type:" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:286 msgid "Menu &opacity:" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:310 msgid "Misc Toolbar Settings" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:311 #, fuzzy msgid "High&light buttons under mouse" msgstr "&Destacar botóns baixo o cursor do rato" #: kcmstyle.cpp:312 #, fuzzy msgid "Transparent tool&bars when moving" msgstr "Barras de ferramentas &transparentes ó movelas" #: kcmstyle.cpp:313 msgid "E&nable tooltips" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:317 msgid "Toolbar &icons:" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:319 #, fuzzy msgid "Icons only" msgstr "Só &iconas" #: kcmstyle.cpp:320 #, fuzzy msgid "Text only" msgstr "Só &texto" #: kcmstyle.cpp:321 #, fuzzy msgid "Text alongside icons" msgstr "Texto ó &carón das iconas" #: kcmstyle.cpp:322 #, fuzzy msgid "Text under icons" msgstr "Texto &baixo das iconas" #: kcmstyle.cpp:330 msgid "Visual Appearance" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:331 #, fuzzy msgid "Sho&w icons on buttons" msgstr "Soamente amosa o texto nos botóns das barras de ferramentas." #: kcmstyle.cpp:332 msgid "Show tear-off handles in &popup menus" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:334 msgid "&Menubar on top of the screen in the style of MacOS" msgstr "&Barra de menú na beira superior da pantalla no estilo de MacOS" #: kcmstyle.cpp:366 msgid "&Style" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:367 msgid "Effe&cts" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:368 msgid "&Miscellaneous" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:425 msgid "This module has detected that the currently selected style (" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:427 msgid "" ") does not support Menu Translucency, therefore this Menu Effect has been " "disabled." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:566 msgid "kcmstyle" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:567 msgid "KDE Style Module" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:569 msgid "(C) 2002 Karol Szwed, Daniel Molkentin" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:579 msgid "" "

Style Settings

This module allows you to modify the visual " "appearance of user interface elements, such as the widget style and effects." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:646 kcmstyle.cpp:668 msgid "No description available." msgstr "Non hai ningunha descrición dispoñible." #: kcmstyle.cpp:898 #, fuzzy msgid "" "Here you can choose from a list of predefined widget styles (e.g. the way " "buttons are drawn) which may or may not be combined with a theme (additional " "information like a marble texture or a gradient)." msgstr "" "Aquí pode escoller entre unha lista de estilos de widget predefinidos (o " "xeito en que p.ex. se debuxan os botóns) que poden ou non estar combinados " "cun tema (información adicional como unha textura de mármore ou un " "gradiente)." #: kcmstyle.cpp:902 msgid "" "This area shows a preview of the currently selected style without having to " "apply it to the whole desktop." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:906 msgid "" "This page allows you to enable various widget style effects. For best " "performance, it is advisable to disable all effects." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:908 msgid "" "If you check this box, you can select several effects for different widgets " "like combo boxes, menus or tooltips." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:910 msgid "" "

Disable: Don't use any combo box effects.

\n" "Animate: Do some animation." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:912 msgid "" "

Disable: Don't use any tooltip effects.

\n" "

Animate: Do some animation.

\n" "Fade: Fade in tooltips using alpha-blending." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:915 msgid "" "

Disable: Don't use any menu effects.

\n" "

Animate: Do some animation.

\n" "

Fade: Fade in menus using alpha-blending.

\n" "Make Translucent: Alpha-blend menus for a see-through effect. (KDE " "styles only)" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:919 msgid "" "

Software Tint: Alpha-blend using a flat color.

\n" "

Software Blend: Alpha-blend using an image.

\n" "XRender Blend: Use the XFree RENDER extension for image blending (if " "available). This method may be slower than the Software routines on non-" "accelerated displays, but may however improve performance on remote displays." "

\n" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:924 msgid "By adjusting this slider you can control the menu effect opacity." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:927 msgid "" "Note: that all widgets in this combobox do not apply to Qt-only " "applications!" msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:929 msgid "" "If this option is selected, toolbar buttons will change their color when the " "mouse cursor is moved over them." msgstr "" "Se esta opción está seleccionada, os botóns da barra de tarefas mudarán a " "súa cor cando o cursor do rato se mova sobre eles." #: kcmstyle.cpp:931 msgid "" "If you check this box, the toolbars will be transparent when moving them " "around." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:933 msgid "" "If you check this option, the KDE application will offer tooltips when the " "cursor remains over items in the toolbar." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:935 msgid "" "

Icons only: Shows only icons on toolbar buttons. Best option for " "low resolutions.

Text only: Shows only text on toolbar buttons." "

Text alongside icons: Shows icons and text on toolbar " "buttons. Text is aligned alongside the icon.

Text under icons: " "Shows icons and text on toolbar buttons. Text is aligned below the icon." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:942 msgid "" "If you enable this option, KDE Applications will show small icons alongside " "some important buttons." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:944 msgid "" "If you enable this option some pop-up menus will show so called tear-off " "handles. If you click them, you get the menu inside a widget. This can be " "very helpful when performing the same action multiple times." msgstr "" #: kcmstyle.cpp:948 #, fuzzy msgid "" "If this option is selected, applications won't have their menubar attached " "to their own window anymore. Instead, there is one menu bar at the top of " "the screen which shows the menu of the currently active application. You " "might recognize this behavior from MacOS." msgstr "" "Se esta opción está seleccionada, as aplicacións non terán a barra de menú " "na súa propia fiestra. No seu lugar, hai unha barra de menú na parte " "superior da pantalla que mostra o menú da aplicación activa. Pode que coñeza " "este comportamento do MacOS." #: menupreview.cpp:165 #, c-format msgid "%" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:1 msgid "StylePreview" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:2 msgid "Tab 1" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:3 msgid "Button" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:4 msgid "ComboBox" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:5 msgid "Button Group" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:6 rc.cpp:7 msgid "RadioButton" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:8 msgid "CheckBox" msgstr "" #: rc.cpp:9 msgid "Tab 2" msgstr "" #, fuzzy #~ msgid "Other settings for drawing" #~ msgstr "Outras opcións para o debuxado:" #, fuzzy #~ msgid "" #~ "


In this module you can configure how your KDE applications " #~ "will look.

Styles and themes affect the way buttons, menus etc. are " #~ "drawn in KDE. Think of styles as plugins that provide a general look for " #~ "KDE and of themes as a way to fine-tune those styles. E.g. you might use " #~ "the \"System\" style but use a theme that provides a color gradient or a " #~ "marble texture.

Apart from styles and themes you can configure here " #~ "the behavior of menubars and toolbars." #~ msgstr "" #~ "


Neste módulo pode configurar como se verán as aplicacións " #~ "de KDE.

Os estilos e temas afectan ó xeito como se debuxan os botóns, " #~ "menús, etc. Pense nos estilos como extensións que fornecen unha " #~ "aparencia xeral para KDE, e nos temas como un xeito de axustar eses " #~ "estilos. P.ex, pode usa-lo estilo \"Sistema\", pero usar un tema que " #~ "fornece un gradiente de cores ou unha textura de mármore.

Á parte dos " #~ "estilos e temas, pode configurar aquí o comportamento das barras de menús " #~ "e de ferramentas." #, fuzzy #~ msgid "&Apply colors to non-KDE apps" #~ msgstr "&Aplicar fontes e cores ás aplicacións non-KDE" #, fuzzy #~ msgid "" #~ "If this option is selected, KDE will try to force your preferences " #~ "regarding colors even to non-KDE applications. While this works fine with " #~ "most applications, it may give strange results sometimes." #~ msgstr "" #~ "Se esta opción está seleccionada, KDE tentará forza-las súas preferencias " #~ "sobre cores e fontes, mesmo en aplicacións non-KDE. Isto funciona ben coa " #~ "maioría das aplicacións, pero pode dar ás veces resultados " #~ "estraños." #, fuzzy #~ msgid "Style options for toolbars" #~ msgstr "Opcións de estilo para as barras de ferramentas:" #~ msgid "" #~ "Shows only icons on toolbar buttons. Best option for low resolutions." #~ msgstr "" #~ "Soamente amosa iconas nos botóns das barras de ferramentas. A mellor " #~ "opción para resolucións pequenas." #~ msgid "Shows only text on toolbar buttons." #~ msgstr "Soamente amosa o texto nos botóns das barras de ferramentas." #~ msgid "" #~ "Shows icons and text on toolbar buttons. Text is aligned aside the icon." #~ msgstr "" #~ "Amosa iconas e texto nos botóns das barras de ferramentas. O texto " #~ "alíñase ó carón da icona." #~ msgid "" #~ "Shows icons and text on toolbar buttons. Text is aligned below the icon." #~ msgstr "" #~ "Amosa iconas e texto nos botóns das barras de ferramentas. O texto " #~ "alíñase baixo da icona." #~ msgid "" #~ "If this option is selected, only the skeleton of a toolbar will be shown " #~ "when moving that toolbar." #~ msgstr "" #~ "Se esta opción está seleccionada, cando se mova unha barra de ferramentas " #~ "só se debuxará o seu esqueleto."