# Galician translation of kdesktop. # Copyright (C) 2000 Jesús Bravo Álvarez. # Jesús Bravo Álvarez , 2000. # # Proxecto Trasno - Adaptación do software libre á lingua galega: Se desexas # colaborar connosco, podes atopar máis información en http://trasno.gpul.org # # First Version: 2000-09-02 20:08+0200 # msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: kdesktop\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2002-04-21 02:26+0200\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2000-10-28 15:32+0200\n" "Last-Translator: Jesús Bravo Álvarez \n" "Language-Team: Galician \n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" #: lock/lockdlg.cc:107 msgid "Failed" msgstr "Fallou" #: lock/lockdlg.cc:191 msgid "Enter Password" msgstr "Introduza o Contrasinal" #: lock/lockprocess.cc:877 msgid "" "

Screen Locking Failed!

Your screen was not locked because the " "kcheckpass program was not able to check your password. This is " "usually the result of kcheckpass not being installed correctly. If you " "installed KDE yourself, reinstall kcheckpass as root. If you are using a pre-" "compiled package, contact the packager." msgstr "" #: lock/lockprocess.cc:884 msgid "Screen Locking Failed" msgstr "" #: lock/main.cc:31 msgid "Force screen locking" msgstr "" #: lock/main.cc:32 msgid "Only start screensaver" msgstr "" #: lock/main.cc:110 msgid "Screen Locker for KDesktop" msgstr "" #: desktop.cc:615 msgid "Set as primary background color" msgstr "Establecer como cor de fondo primaria" #: desktop.cc:616 msgid "Set as secondary background color" msgstr "Establecer como cor de fondo secundaria" #: desktop.cc:632 #, fuzzy msgid "Set as &Wallpaper" msgstr "Establecer como imaxe de fondo" #: desktop.cc:667 #, fuzzy msgid "" "Could not logout properly.\n" "The session manager cannot be contacted. You can try to force a shutdown by " "pressing the CTRL, ALT and BACKSPACE keys at the same time. Note however " "that your current session will not be saved with a forced shutdown." msgstr "" "Non se puido saír apropiadamente. Non se pode contactar co\n" "xestor de sesións. Pode forza-la saída premendo ó mesmo tempo\n" "as teclas CTRL, SHIFT e BORRAR. Teña en conta que a sesión\n" "actual non será gardada cunha saída forzada." #: kdiconview.cc:210 #, fuzzy msgid "&Rename" msgstr "Tempo real" #: kdiconview.cc:211 msgid "&Move to Trash" msgstr "&Mover ó Lixo" #: kdiconview.cc:214 msgid "&Shred" msgstr "&Destruír" #: krootwm.cc:85 krootwm.cc:325 msgid "Bookmarks" msgstr "Marcadores" #: krootwm.cc:104 #, fuzzy msgid "Help on Desktop" msgstr "Axuda sobre o escritorio..." #: krootwm.cc:105 msgid "Run Command..." msgstr "Executar Comando..." #: krootwm.cc:108 msgid "Configure Desktop..." msgstr "Configurar Escritorio..." #: krootwm.cc:110 krootwm.cc:259 msgid "Disable Desktop Menu" msgstr "Desactivar Menú de Escritorio" #: krootwm.cc:114 msgid "Unclutter Windows" msgstr "Reordenar Fiestras" #: krootwm.cc:116 msgid "Cascade Windows" msgstr "Fiestras en Cascada" #: krootwm.cc:122 msgid "By Name (Case Sensitive)" msgstr "" #: krootwm.cc:124 msgid "By Name (Case Insensitive)" msgstr "" #: krootwm.cc:126 msgid "By Size" msgstr "" #: krootwm.cc:128 msgid "By Type" msgstr "" #: krootwm.cc:131 msgid "Directories First" msgstr "" #: krootwm.cc:134 msgid "Line up Icons" msgstr "Aliñar Iconas" #: krootwm.cc:136 #, fuzzy msgid "Refresh Desktop" msgstr "Escritorio" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:19 krootwm.cc:140 msgid "Lock Screen" msgstr "Bloquear Pantalla" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:20 krootwm.cc:142 #, fuzzy msgid "Logout" msgstr "Saír..." #: krootwm.cc:239 krootwm.cc:310 msgid "Arrange Icons" msgstr "Organizar Iconas" #: krootwm.cc:268 msgid "Enable Desktop Menu" msgstr "Activar Menú de Escritorio" #: krootwm.cc:323 msgid "New" msgstr "Novo" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:14 krootwm.cc:326 msgid "Desktop" msgstr "Escritorio" #: krootwm.cc:327 msgid "Windows" msgstr "Fiestras" #: main.cc:40 msgid "The KDE Desktop." msgstr "O Escritorio KDE." #: main.cc:46 msgid "Use this if the desktop window appears as a real window" msgstr "Use isto se a fiestra de escritorio aparece como unha fiestra real" #: main.cc:47 msgid "Use this to disable the Autostart folder" msgstr "Use isto para desactiva-la carpeta de Inicio Automático" #: main.cc:48 msgid "Wait for kded to finish building database" msgstr "Agarde a que o kded remate de crea-la base de datos" #: main.cc:130 msgid "KDesktop" msgstr "KDesktop" #: _translatorinfo.cpp:1 msgid "" "_: NAME OF TRANSLATORS\n" "Your names" msgstr "" #: _translatorinfo.cpp:3 msgid "" "_: EMAIL OF TRANSLATORS\n" "Your emails" msgstr "" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:16 #, fuzzy msgid "Execute Command" msgstr "Executar comando" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:17 #, fuzzy msgid "Show Taskmanager" msgstr "Amosar xestor de tarefas" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:18 #, fuzzy msgid "Show Window List" msgstr "Fiestras" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:21 msgid "Logout without Confirmation" msgstr "" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:22 msgid "Halt Computer" msgstr "" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:23 msgid "Halt without Confirmation" msgstr "" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:24 msgid "Reboot Computer" msgstr "" #: kdesktopbindings.cpp:25 msgid "Reboot without Confirmation" msgstr "" #: kdmdesktop.cpp:18 msgid "Fancy desktop background for kdm" msgstr "Elegante fondo de escritorio para o kdm" #: minicli.cpp:58 msgid "Run Command" msgstr "Executar Comando" #: minicli.cpp:68 #, fuzzy msgid "" "Enter the name of the application you want to run or the URL you want to " "view." msgstr "" "Introduza o nome da aplicación que quere\n" "executar ou o URL que desexa ver." #: minicli.cpp:75 msgid "Co&mmand:" msgstr "Co&mando:" #: minicli.cpp:79 msgid "" "Enter the command you wish to execute or the address of the resource you " "want to open. This can be a remote URL like \"www.kde.org\" or a local one " "like \"~/.kderc\"" msgstr "" #: minicli.cpp:102 minicli.cpp:439 msgid "&Options >>" msgstr "&Opcións >>" #: minicli.cpp:110 msgid "&Run" msgstr "&Executar" #: minicli.cpp:252 msgid "The user %1 does not exist on this system." msgstr "O usuario %1 non existe neste sistema." #: minicli.cpp:263 msgid "You don't exist!\n" msgstr "¡Vostede non existe!\n" #: minicli.cpp:304 msgid "Incorrect password! Please try again." msgstr "¡Contrasinal incorrecto! Tente de novo." #: minicli.cpp:369 #, fuzzy msgid "" "
\n" "You do not have permission to execute this command!" msgstr "" "Non se puido executar %1.\n" "Corrixa o comando ou o URL e tente de novo." #: minicli.cpp:379 msgid "" "
\n" "Could not run the specified command!" msgstr "" #: minicli.cpp:393 #, fuzzy msgid "" "
\n" "The specified command does not exist!" msgstr "" "Non se puido executar %1.\n" "Corrixa o comando ou o URL e tente de novo." #: minicli.cpp:424 msgid "&Options <<" msgstr "&Opcións <<" #: minicli.cpp:498 #, fuzzy msgid "Advanced Settings" msgstr "Configuración avanzada" #: minicli.cpp:502 msgid "Run in &terminal" msgstr "Executar nun &terminal" #: minicli.cpp:503 msgid "" "Check this option if the application you want to run is a text mode " "application. The application will then be run in a terminal emulator window." msgstr "" "Marque esta opcións se a aplicación que desexa executar é en modo texto. A " "aplicación executarase nunha fiestra de emulador de terminal." #: minicli.cpp:509 msgid "Run as a different &user" msgstr "Executar como un &usuario diferente" #: minicli.cpp:510 #, fuzzy msgid "" "Check this option if you want to run the application with a different user " "id. Every process has a user id associated with it. This id code determines " "file access and other permissions. The password of the user is required to " "do this." msgstr "" "Marque esta opción se quere executa-la aplicación cun identificador de " "usuario diferente. Tódolos procesos teñen un identificador de usuario " "asociado. Este código determina o acceso ós ficheiros e outros permisos. " "Para facer isto, requírese o contrasinal do usuario." #: minicli.cpp:521 #, fuzzy msgid "User&name:" msgstr "&usuario:" #: minicli.cpp:524 #, fuzzy msgid "Enter the user here who you want to run the application as." msgstr "Introduza aquí o usuario co que quere executa-la aplicación." #: minicli.cpp:531 msgid "Run with a different &priority" msgstr "Executar cunha &prioridade diferente" #: minicli.cpp:532 msgid "" "Check this option if you want to run the application with a different " "priority. A higher priority tells the operating system to give more " "processing time to your application." msgstr "" "Marque esta opción se quere executa-la aplicación cunha prioridade " "diferente. Unha prioridade maior indícalle ó sistema operativo que lle " "asigne máis tempo de proceso á aplicación." #: minicli.cpp:543 #, fuzzy msgid "Pr&iority:" msgstr "&prioridade:" #: minicli.cpp:547 msgid "" "The priority can be set here. From left to right, it goes from low to high. " "The center position is the default value. For priorities higher than the " "default, you will need root's password." msgstr "" "A prioridade pode establecerse aquí. De esquerda a dereita, vai de baixa a " "alta. A posición central é o valor por defecto. Para prioridades maiores que " "a predeterminada, necesitará o contrasinal de root." #: minicli.cpp:556 #, fuzzy msgid "High" msgstr "alta" #: minicli.cpp:563 #, fuzzy msgid "&Scheduler:" msgstr "plani&ficador:" #: minicli.cpp:568 #, fuzzy msgid "" "Here you can select which scheduler to use for the application. The " "scheduler governs which process will run and which will have to wait. Two " "schedulers are available:
  • Normal: This is the standard, " "timesharing scheduler. It will divide fairly the available processing time " "between all processes.
  • Realtime: This scheduler will run " "your application uninterrupted until it gives up the processor. This can be " "dangerous. An application that does not give up the processor might hang the " "system. You need root's password to use the scheduler." msgstr "" "Aquí pode selecciona-lo planificador que desexa usar para a aplicación. O " "planificador é a parte do sistema operativo que decide que procesos teñen " "que se executar, e cales teñen que agardar. Hai dous planificadores " "dispoñibles:
    • Normal: Este é o planificador estándar de " "partición do tempo. Divide equitativamente o tempo de proceso dispoñible " "entre tódolos procesos.
    • Tempo real: Este planificador " "executará a aplicación ininterrompidamente ata que esta deixe libre o " "procesador. Isto pode ser perigoso. Unha aplicación que non deixe o " "procesador podería bloquea-lo sistema. Necesitará o contrasinal de root para " "usar este planificador." #: minicli.cpp:591 #, fuzzy msgid "Pass&word:" msgstr "contra&sinal:" #: minicli.cpp:594 msgid "Enter the requested password here." msgstr "Introduza aquí o contrasinal solicitado." #: minicli.cpp:617 msgid "Normal" msgstr "Normal" #: minicli.cpp:618 msgid "Realtime" msgstr "Tempo real" #: minicli.cpp:644 msgid "none" msgstr "ningún" #: minicli.cpp:647 #, c-format msgid "Password required: %1" msgstr "Contrasinal requirido: %1" #: minicli.cpp:698 #, fuzzy msgid "" "Running a realtime application can be very dangerous. If the application " "misbehaves, the system might hang unrecoverably.\n" "Are you sure you want to continue?" msgstr "" "Executar unha aplicación de tempo real pode ser moi\n" "perigoso. Se a aplicación non funciona correctamente,\n" "o sistema poderíase bloquear completamente.\n" "\n" "¿Está seguro de que quere continuar?" #: minicli.cpp:701 #, fuzzy msgid "Warning - Run Command" msgstr "Executar Comando" # ¿Algunha suxestión mellor para o nome? #~ msgid "Danger, Will Robinson!" #~ msgstr "¡Perigo, Xoán Perillán!" #~ msgid "Configure Background..." #~ msgstr "Configurar Fondo de Pantalla..." #~ msgid "" #~ "_: Home Directory\n" #~ "Home" #~ msgstr "Persoal" #~ msgid "Trash" #~ msgstr "Lixo" #, fuzzy #~ msgid "Lock screen" #~ msgstr "Bloquear Pantalla" #~ msgid "Do you really want to rearrange your icons?" #~ msgstr "¿Quere realmente reorganiza-las iconas?" #~ msgid "Enter the command or url you wish to run here." #~ msgstr "Introduza aquí o comando ou url que desexe executar." #, fuzzy #~ msgid "" #~ "Could not run %1.
      The specified command or URL was not " #~ "found!
      " #~ msgstr "" #~ "Non se puido executar %1.\n" #~ "Corrixa o comando ou o URL e tente de novo." #~ msgid "" #~ "The program name or command %1\n" #~ "cannot be found. Please correct the command\n" #~ "or URL and try again" #~ msgstr "" #~ "Non se atopa o nome do programa ou comando\n" #~ "%1. Corrixa o comando ou o URL e tente\n" #~ "de novo" #~ msgid "You have to enter a command to execute or a URL to be opened first." #~ msgstr "" #~ "Ten que introducir primeiro un comando para executar ou un URL para abrir."