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About Trasno Project

Esta páxina en galego.

1.- What's this project?

These are the pages of the global project for translating GNU/Linux and free software into Galician.

Our objective is having a complete operating system in our language (there isn't any other in Galician), from the installation of distributions, as well as all graphic interfaces (GNOME and KDE), and as many programs as possible.

2.- What's Galician?

Galician is a Romance language spoken in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, in the southwest of Europe, and it's spoken by about 2 and a half million people. It's the official language of Galicia, along with Castilian or Spanish.

If you want to learn something more about our language, you can follow these links:

- Institute of Galician Language: Here you can find some information about Galician, and the basics of phonology, morphology and syntax.
- Celtic Galiza: In this page about Galician Celtic Culture, you can find a good page about the history of our language.
- Galician Page at Ethnologue: This is the section for Galician at the Ethnologue by SIL International.

3.- I was looking for some other kind of information...

We've put here the two most probable questions that a foreign user could make. If you want to know something else, please contact Jacobo Tarrío.